What happens when aviation plug electrical equipment encounters salt spray

Aviation plug electrical equipment on aircraft may encounter salt spray airflow with a concentration of PH6.5-7.2 of 5% when flying on the sea or parked on an aircraft carrier. The structural design must ensure that the aviation plug electronic equipment does not function properly under certain salt spray environments. The following failures will occur
: 1. Severe corrosion at the joints of structural parts.
2. The corroded area of ​​the metal surface protective layer is greater than 30%.
3. Bubbles, wrinkles, cracks or peeling appear everywhere in the surface coating layer except for edges.
4. Non-metallic materials are obvious. Whitening, expansion, bubbles, cracks or pits
5. Deposited salt causes structural parts to become blocked and stuck
6. Contactors and uncoated wires are damaged, and the insulation of insulated wires fails.