Aviation plug selection need to pay attention to matters

       The aviation plug is also called an electrical connector. Its main function is to connect two active devices and transmit current or signals. Although it seems inconspicuous, it is very important to the function of the entire circuit and other signal communication devices. With the advancement of science and technology and the continuous development of various industries, its types and applications are constantly expanding. Its applications in various industries, especially in the field of avionics, play a decisive role. So what should you pay attention to when choosing to ensure its good performance?
   When choosing, you must first proceed from reality and choose according to the actual use. For example: for external input of radios, cassette players, and televisions, a small two- or three-pin aviation plug can be used for the playback output; if it is used as a mechanical interface for audio equipment, a YC type circular aviation plug can be used. When choosing, you should also pay attention to the overall dimensions, installation dimensions, and opening size. In particular, the overall dimensions are very important, because there are certain space limitations for connections in products, especially as there are more and more ultra-thin products.
   When choosing an aviation plug, you should also pay attention to whether the number of plug pairs is consistent with the required number. There can be a little surplus, but not too much. Also pay attention to the impedance matching issue. Some signals have impedance requirements, and the impedance matching requirements are very strict. If Impedance mismatch can cause signal reflection, thus affecting signal transmission. In addition to paying attention to impedance matching issues, you must also pay attention to whether the rated voltage and rated current can meet the requirements of the working circuit, and leave a margin.
   With the rapid development of communication products, electromagnetic compatibility requirements have attracted much attention. If the selected connector needs to have a metal shell and the cable also needs to have a shielding layer, then in order to achieve the shielding effect when the shielding layer and the metal shell are connected, injection molding can be used method.
   Different usage environments such as indoors, outdoors, high temperature, high humidity, cold, etc. have special requirements for aviation plugs. Therefore, when choosing, you must be familiar with the environment where they are placed, and choose appropriate products according to the usage environment.
   In order to reduce costs and improve corporate economic benefits, many companies will choose universal items as much as possible when selecting them. Choosing electrical connectors with strong versatility can reduce the types of materials and at the same time reduce supply risks.
   When using, be careful not to insert it backwards or misplace it. At present, there are aviation plugs with anti-mis-insertion function on the market. In order to avoid error misalignment leading to wrong signal connection, the anti-mis-insertion type should be selected as much as possible. When plugging and unplugging are not smooth, to prevent damage, do not force the plug or plug.
   If you use an integrated circuit socket, be sure to check the direction before inserting the integrated circuit, otherwise the integrated circuit may be damaged.