Safe use of connectors and the connection range of aviation plugs

      Connectors are widely used in modern production and life, so people recognize its importance in terms of its quality requirements. Here we briefly talk about the impact of the three basic properties on the safety of use, so that it can have a guiding role in our production and life practice. Of course, we know everything and can’t explain it in detail, but if we can give you some guidance when choosing connectors, It would be best to have some guidance.
  First of all, let’s talk about the mechanical properties of the connector. In fact, this is relatively easy to grasp. We can just operate it and demonstrate it in person, especially the plugging force performance. You can know its effect through actual operation. The pulling force must be strong. Some, this can ensure the stability of the contact, and will not affect the normal work under the condition of small external interference. The intensity of the force is just the opposite. Naturally, the easier and more convenient the better. If possible, plug it in once. Check whether the joint is tight after installation, and how well the special connection performs. This is an important constant standard for the performance of electronic equipment source parts.
  The electrical performance of the connector mainly includes contact resistance, insulation resistance and electrical strength. Contact resistance is its main working indicator, which can be determined by reading the instructions. Insulation resistance mainly refers to its external safety performance, that is, its Insulation performance is particularly critical because electronic performance is necessary for its main functionality, and it also plays a very important role in determining the safety of use, so it must be taken very seriously. Sometimes you can refer to the instructions and the instructions of the authoritative organization. Prove that only in this way can we know what we are doing. Ensuring safe and secure use is the top priority when choosing connectors and connectors.
  Let’s talk about the environmental performance of the connector. Nowadays, electronic equipment is widely used in various environments, so connectors that can adapt to various environments are also in great demand. However, how to ensure that the selection is strong enough to adapt to the environment and is particularly targeted? As for the connectors, it must be based on the actual situation. Among them, the more common ones are temperature resistance, moisture resistance, salt resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. These connectors with special functions need to be tested by the national specialized agencies before they can pass. Choose It is safer to look at the logo when it comes up. If the connector that does not adapt to the environment is not used in a harsh environment, it will cause safety hazards.
  Aviation plugs are particularly important in special application environments such as aviation and aerospace, railway and road transportation. It is an important indicator for testing the robustness of the mechanical structure of the electrical connector and the reliability of the electrical contact. There are clear regulations in the relevant test methods. The peak acceleration, duration and shock pulse waveform, as well as the time for interruption of electrical continuity should be specified in the impact test. Other environmental performance According to the usage requirements, other environmental performance of electrical connectors include sealing (air leakage, liquid pressure), liquid immersion (resistance to specific liquids), low air pressure, etc.