Analyze the aviation plug heavy duty connector market and the benefits of electrical connectors

      Data from the "2012 Mainland China Heavy-Duty Connector Market Survey Report" show that China's heavy-duty electrical connector market size in 2011 was approximately 550 million yuan; the main applications were concentrated in the three major fields of machinery, electricity and rail transportation, accounting for approximately 10% of total sales. 80% of the market, of which the two major fields of machinery and electricity account for 62.4% of the total market size; the concentrated entry of many domestic and foreign HDC manufacturers in 2010 has made the market competition increasingly fierce; however, the overall good growth rate of the HDC industry still makes many companies have doubts about the 2007 The market forecast for the year is relatively optimistic. The market growth points (growth areas) of each enterprise are not concentrated in certain subdivisions. Different enterprises have their own focus. Machinery, electric power, and rail transit are each the market growth points of some enterprises. At present, whether companies can seize market growth opportunities and expand market share has become the key to the growth and profitability of many new entrants.