Reveal the nine core technologies of the connector industry

The connector industry contains a number of core technologies that are at the center of design and production. These core technologies have been accumulating, developing and progressing. 1. Metal smelting and metal forming: The trend of connector miniaturization and miniaturization will lead to electrochemical processing technology entering the processing scope of connector terminals. Interface series technology can ease the process of miniaturization and miniaturization-series technology allows larger Terminals and fewer terminals 2. Electroplating: implementation and optimization of lead-free process 3. Contact physics: restricting terminal technology, mating force and mating sliding distance 4. Materials: heat dissipation problems continue to arise and solutions are constantly updated 5. Assembly and packaging: manual line (mainstream---now), automatic line (future)---developing countries 6. Mechanical and electrical design: The ability of design tools (such as FEA) is acceptable and needs to be continuously improved in the future 7. Craftsmanship and Assembly design: The process that is suitable for global production is the difficulty. 8. Global logistics and electronic transaction systems: The development of global mass manufacturers. 9. Environmental regulations: It affects the connector industry and will not be a major obstacle.