Introduction to the use range of electrical connectors

1. Internal connection of chip package 2. Connection of IC package pin and PCB. Typical connector IC socket. 3. The connection between printed circuits and wires or printed boards. Typical connectors are printed circuit connectors. 4. The connection between the base plate and the base plate. Typical connectors are rack-mounted connectors. 5. Connection between devices. Typical products are circular connectors. Levels 3 and 4 have some overlap. Among the five levels of connectors, the highest market share is the 3rd and 5th level products, and the fastest growing currently is the 3rd level product. As for other types, they can be divided into many different types according to their uses, installation methods, special structures, special performances, etc., and they often appear in publications and manufacturers' promotional materials. However, they are generally just to highlight a certain feature and use, and the basic classification remains. There are no division principles beyond the above.