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Main feature

Quick-plug and self-lock - easy to use

Small size, light weight - wide range of use

IP68 waterproof - good sealing

High shielding performance - strong resistance to electromagnetic interference

A variety of keys - no misinsertion, blind insertion

Harsh environment resistance, shock/shock resistance, long service life

Wide use - integrated transmission of low frequency, high speed, radio frequency, optical fiber, HD and other signals

High-speed: can meet a variety of standard protocol high-speed signal (USB2.0, USB3.0, Gigabit network, ten gigabit network, HDMI, SATA, DP, etc.) direct transmission.



Technical performance

Insertion and removal times: 5000 times

Operating temperature: -55℃+125℃

Relative humidity: 90%-90% (40±2℃)

Salt spray: Aluminum alloy 96h, copper alloy 300h

Socket leakage rate: the pressure difference is 1×105 Pa, and the leakage rate should not be greater than 1.0Pa·cm3 /s (optical fiber and radio frequency do not have air tightness)

Impact: Acceleration 2940m/s2, ≤1μs instantaneous break

Vibration: 101, 102 shells

Sinusoidal vibration: frequency 10 ~ 2000Hz, acceleration 147m/s2, ≤1μs instantaneous break

103, 1031, 104, 105, 106 shells

Random vibration: Power spectral density 1.0g2 /Hz, root mean square value 36.6g, ≤1μs instantaneous interruption

Water pressure: plug and socket plug, water resistance: 2m water depth, 24h (except optical fiber, RF products)



Product use:

Military equipment, radio equipment, infantry equipment, reinforced computers, medical equipment, mechanical equipment, testing equipment, industrial equipment, laboratory equipment, shipbuilding heavy industry, servo motors, data transmission and communication systems, audio and video transmission, power and signal, communication and other occasions of AC and DC, high-speed, radio frequency, optical fiber signal connection transmission




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