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FX Series

Main feature

Quick-plug and self-lock - easy to use

Small size, light weight - wide range of use

IP68 waterproof - good sealing

High shielding performance - strong resistance to electromagnetic interference

A variety of keys - no misinsertion, blind insertion

Harsh environment resistance, shock/shock resistance, long service life

Wide use - integrated transmission of low frequency, high speed, radio frequency, optical fiber, HD and other signals

High-speed: can meet a variety of standard protocol high-speed signal (USB2.0, USB3.0, Gigabit network, ten gigabit network, HDMI, SATA, DP, etc.) direct transmission.


Technical performance

Insertion and removal times: 5000 times

Operating temperature: -55℃+125℃

Relative humidity: 90%-90% (40±2℃)

Salt spray: Aluminum alloy 96h, copper alloy 300h

Socket leakage rate: the pressure difference is 1×105 Pa, and the leakage rate should not be greater than 1.0Pa·cm3 /s (optical fiber and radio frequency do not have air tightness)

Impact: Acceleration 2940m/s2, ≤1μs instantaneous break

Vibration: 101, 102 shells

Sinusoidal vibration: frequency 10 ~ 2000Hz, acceleration 147m/s2, ≤1μs instantaneous break

103, 1031, 104, 105, 106 shells

Random vibration: Power spectral density 1.0g2 /Hz, root mean square value 36.6g, ≤1μs instantaneous interruption

Water pressure: plug and socket plug, water resistance: 2m water depth, 24h (except optical fiber, RF products)


FX Series


FX Series


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FX Series


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