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K Series-Housing No.1

Main features:
1, Insert and remove self-locking system, small appearance, exquisite
2, suitable for frequent insertion, high-density installation, space saving
3, IP68 waterproof, good sealing
4, high shielding performance, anti-electronic interference, shock resistance, impact resistance, harsh environment
5, a variety of anti-error positioning pin selection, blind insertion
6, a variety of needle core selection, a variety of shape size selection

Working parameters:
Mechanical life: ≥4000 times (measured)
Operating temperature: -55°C~ +125°C
Relative humidity: 90% ~ 95% (40+2°C)
Salt spray: 5%NaCI fog in 96h
Air leakage: When 1.0-105Pa pressure difference is applied at both ends of the socket,
Its leakage rate is not greater than 1.0Pa.cm3/s
Water pressure: The plugged connector is immersed in water 2m deep, which lasts 24 hours without water seepage
Vibration: frequency 10~2000Hz, acceleration 1470m/s2, instantaneous break ≤1μs
Impact: Acceleration 490m/s2, instantaneous break ≤1μs


Housing No.1


K Series


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K Series-Housing No.1


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