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TB Series-Housing D 45°

Main Features:
1, Insert and Remove Self-Locking System, Small Appearance, Exquisite
2, Suitable for Frequent Insertion, High-Density Installation, Space Saving
3, Ip68 Waterproof, Good Sealing
4, High Shielding Performance, Anti-Electronic Interference, Shock Resistance, Impact Resistance, Harsh Environment
5, A Variety of Anti-Error Positioning Pin Selection, Blind Insertion
6, A Variety of Needle Core Selection, A Variety of Shape Size Selection

Working Parameters:
Mechanical Life: ≥2000 Times (Military Standard)
Operating Temperature: -55 °c~ +125°c
Relative Humidity: 90% ~ 95% (40+2°c)
Salt Spray: 5%naci Fog in 96h
Air Leakage: When 1.0-105pa Pressure Difference Is Applied at Both Ends of the Socket,
Its Leakage Rate Is Not Greater Than 1.0pa-Cm3/S
Water Pressure: The Plugged Connector Is Immersed in Water 2m Deep,
It Lasted 24 Hours Without Seepage
Vibration: Frequency 10 ~ 2000hz, Acceleration 147m/S2, Instantaneous Break ≤1μs
Impact: Acceleration 490m/S2, Instantaneous Break ≤1μs


Housing D 45°


TB Series


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TB Series-Housing D 45°


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